"Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do."

You can see me play Miep Gies in The Diary of Anne Frank at The Broad Main Stage on Oct 8th-10th (this is a private, invitation only show).  Email for ticket inquiries.  You can also see me play Daisy in Elmer Rice's The Adding Machine at The Eyde Second Space at The Broad Stage on Sunday Nov 11th.  Tickets at The Broad Stage.  

My comedic web series The Many Mishaps of Penelope and Ursula is available on YouTube now with the pilot episode, Lucky Penny.  The next episode, Yard Sale, is up for viewing and next we will be filming episode three (with puppets) late Fall 2018.  

I go into production in November on a horror short film that I co-wrote and will direct  as well.  


Here are some of my recent film projects:

Hiding In Freedom


(for the role of Betty in "Hiding in Freedom" Julianna has been nominated for a best supporting actress award at http://www.wmiff.net/  

 The Funeral Guest

(for the lead role of Emily in The Funeral Guest Julianna won Best Actress award at LA Indie Film Fest in March 2016) 

 "Like" The Funeral Guest Facebook page for updates: 


Nun (aka Gas Light)

(for the lead role of Sister Gracie Rose in Nun Julianna was nominated for a best actress award at Hoboken International Film Fest in spring 2017)

Gunrunner Billy Kane http://www.gunrunnerbillykane.com/

Check out previous projects like the multi-award winning zombie comedy: Aaah! Zombies! (aka Wasting Away)


You can find Aaah! Zombies! , The Funeral Guest and Nun on AmazonPrime and many more.  

You can friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter @JRUberstar or on Instagram @julesgracie007 and @yogajulesjourney


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